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Stand Wind Tunnel TA


Function: Vertical Aerodynamic Simulator with a closed aerodynamic contour, conducting trainings of all levels of athletes, training and show programs in comfortable conditions at any time of the year and with minimal energy costs. 

Benefits Stand Wind Tunnel TA:

  • low operating costs;
  • noiselessness;
  • high quality flow;
  • the possibility of rapid and accurate control of flow parameters;
  • the possibility of year-round and round-the-clock operation;
  • comfortable training conditions in all weather conditions;
  • comfortable conditions for spectators and waiting athletes in all weather conditions;
  • the possibility of placing the infrastructure (changing rooms, toilets, cafes, shops)


Stand Wind Tunnel TA TORNADO PRO

TA-2,5D (diesel)

Stand Wind Tunnel

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TA-2,5E (electric)

Stand Wind Tunnel

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Stand Wind Tunnel

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Stand Wind Tunnel

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Stand Wind Tunnel TA-2,5D (diesel)



Stand Wind Tunnel TA-2,5E (electric)



Stand Wind Tunnel TA-3,0



Stand Wind Tunnel TA-4,3




Vertical Wind Tunnel with closed aerodynamic contour

Vertical Wind Tunnel TA is a set of equipment that can be mounted in a separate non-capital structure of LMC (light metal) or inside the building with suitable dimensions for the installation of equipment.

Vertical Aerodynamic Simulator "TA" can be developed according to individual technical requirements of the customer. For construction we use advanced technology. Our “TA” construction principle and the equipment used make it as easy as possible to maintain the service and guarantee reliability. The main components for creating an aerodynamic flow are developed specifically for your requirements.

The power of the aerodynamic flow is easily adjustable. The equipment is very easy to manage. The cost of building a vertical aerodynamic pipe "TA" depends on the requirements that you make to it. As power plants can be used diesel or electric engines.

A constructive feature of our stationary complexes is that they can be used both as separate buildings and integrated into ready-made buildings, shopping or entertainment complexes.


The main feature and advantage of our aerodynamic complexes is their availability, cost effectiveness and quick payback.

Just a few years ago, the cost of the cheapest equipment for a stationary aerodynamic complex was a six-digit number. And taking into account the lease or purchase of land, construction and finishing works, the cost of such complexes could reach several million dollars.

Our task was to create an accessible complex that could be used by both athletes and ordinary people. Our engineers were able to complete the task assigned to them as soon as possible. And as a result of their work, at present about twenty Tornado aerodynamic complexes are successfully operating around the world.

The design features of the stationary aerodynamic complexes “Tornado” make it possible to use a variety of options for the exterior of the building.

When developing the design of an aerodynamic complex, the features and traditions of the area where the operation of this complex is planned can be taken into account.

Please note that TA 2.5 can be equipped with both Scania diesel power units and electric power plants of Russian or foreign production.

Our company can perform the project of the aerodynamic stand according to your technical task - leave a request


*** This offer is not a commercial offer. Prices are subject to change and specified at the conclusion of the contract.

About Company TORNADO PRO

We can manufacture experimental models of almost any complexity under a technical assignment by the client. Powerful technologic equipment, computer-aided design system, and highly-qualified personnel make it possible to manufacture quality products in the shortest time. Our company is ready to design and manufacture equipment under you technical specification. We offer flexible financial policy considering interests of every client. We will help you embody your most bold ideas in metal.



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